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Leading oil & gas companies understand that productivity and profitability are linked.
Now, more than ever, companies rely on HOCS to deliver dependable design solutions
proven to increase throughput, enhance safety and maximize efficiency.

Your Partner in Growth

An EPPM firm in Calgary offering comprehensive engineering and project management solutions to leading Oil and Gas companies. 

We bring years of trusted experience and a fresh perspective to every design solution.


Delivering Comprehensive

Engineering And Project Management


With years of trustworthy and responsive experience in mechanical, civil, electrical, process, piping and instrumentation engineering – HOCS can be your “one-stop” provider for all of your engineering and project management needs.

From the upstream through downstream markets, leading oil & gas companies trust HOCS to deliver solutions in all disciplines including, engineering, design drafting, process simulation, procurement, project management, commissioning, start-up support and operation support services.

Steam Additions

With past experience in multiple steam generator additions, we have successfully executed many projects on-schedule, below budget and with 0 engineering RFI’s.

Need for Steam?

HOCS Projects is an industry leader in the specification and installation of expanded steam capacity.

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Debottlenecking / GAP Analysis

Learn how we can help you minimize your costs by reducing capex without adding equipment.

Doing more with Less

Increasing throughput without expanding plant boundaries is the new normal. HOCS Projects has built a business around helping you do more with less.

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Desalting & Oil Dehydration

With an “inside out” approach to design down to the nuts and bolts, we can create successful retrofits of existing vessels without needing to design brand-new equipment.

Experts in Desalting

HOCS Projects can assist in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your desalting plant or helping design the perfect application of cutting edge technology to ensure dependable production.

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Pilot Technologies

Our flexible, nimble approach is just one of the reasons we have been recognized as an industry leader in technology pilots including technology identification, evaluation and implementation.

New isn't easy...

HOCS Projects is chosen time and again for pilot technology support due to our process engineering depth, fit for purpose execution and approach to innovation.

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Water Treatment

Oilsands producers must focus on production that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Common + Advanced Technologies

To meet that goal, companies must develop and implement  both well-known and innovative water treatment technology with partners that understand the complexities of the situation.

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Large Capital Projects DBM/FEED

Every design solution is backed by over two centuries of hands-on experience from our leadership in all engineering disciplines

Access to Leadership

Our partners and leaders offer their guidance on every project that we execute. Allow us to bring their expertise to the front end of your project, where it can make the biggest impact.

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Meet Our Hands-On Leadership Team

From concept to execution, HOCS leaders and partners will be present throughout your project’s life-cycle.

Our leaders take an active role in our company and projects committing to trust, transparency and mutual respect.

Technical Director And Principal

Mark Smithdorf

Mark’s career spans over three decades and almost every oil producing country both onshore and offshore. At HOCS we say that he has bitumen flowing through his veins.

Since 1981, Mark has worked on surface facility designs for the upstream processing of conventional and heavy oil, bitumen, natural gas, produced water and sand.

With a primary focus on the resolution of emulsions and processing of oil / water / gas / sand, Mark has been exposed to complete upstream process designs.

Mark’s primary contribution to HOCS Projects is in the role of a Principal, where he shares his 35 years of hands-on experience in both managerial and technical roles to ensure that HOCS delivers on its promise of do it right, do it once, do it together and realizes its vision of becoming the benchmark in engineering and project execution excellence.

VP, Projects

Mario Potapczuk, BSc in Mechanical Engineering

Mario has 15 years of experience covering manufacturing, aerospace, and petrochemical industries in various roles including design/drafting technologist, mechanical engineer, project engineer, technical services manager, and construction and project manager. Mario’s experience includes EPC, construction, and oil and gas producer firms. 

We appreciate that Mario is driving our continuous improvement by combining a practical approach with novel, innovative thinking to elevate EPC service experience to new, benchmark levels.

As Vice President of Projects, Mario’s priority is to ensure that we stay focused on our vision of being the benchmark in engineering and project execution excellence. A “win-win” solution for Mario means, “that by helping our clients become successful we, as HOCS, and as individuals, become successful as well.”


Adrian Otteson

As the youngest member of our Leadership Team, Adrian has over 10 years of experience in design, procurement and construction of oil and gas projects ranging in size from small to mega. Adrian’s experience includes various roles in project coordination, process piping design and plant layout including leadership roles, pressure vessel design, material control, shop coordination, and field coordination on a variety of domestic and overseas projects both at the EPC firms and process equipment vendors.

As a Piping Department Head, Adrian’s priority is to ensure that our fastest growing department remains focused on quality and excellence while implanting innovative approaches to 3D model management techniques with emphasis on multi-discipline coordination.


Ken Wong, RET

Ken has over three decades of experience in the petroleum, chemical, mining, and heavy industries, including involvement with infrastructure-based, environmental and commercial engineering fields. He has been closely involved with projects from the inception/retrofit stage to the construction completion of civil, building and structural works, the scope of which ranges from warehouse to megaprojects.

Whether on the construction site or at the office, Ken is passionate about resolving engineering challenges with creative and cost-effective solutions. His portfolio includes contributions to the successful implementation of many megaproject 3D plant design systems and its integration with other industry standard engineering applications. Ken is a master of virtual reality, enabling us to take 3D-model management to a new, industry benchmark level. As Head of the Civil, Structural and Architectural Department, Ken is committed to leading his team through the application of proven diverse expertise to obtain viable engineering solutions. “Our team environment is both engaging and challenging as we strive towards the common goal to exceed client expectations by providing fit-for-purpose solutions.”

Electrical / Instrumentation / Controls Department Head

Roger Lafont, P. Eng.

Roger has over 25 years of experience in the petroleum, petrochemical, power generation, and pulp and paper industries. This includes extensive site experience during construction, commissioning, start-up and ongoing plant operations.

Roger has been involved in projects ranging in size from a single-well battery to world class megaprojects. His on-site experience at operating facilities enables him to see the design through the eyes of the end user with a view towards long-term operability and maintainability. Roger brings to HOCS technical depth combined with a lot of wisdom and compassion, which enables us to create and maintain a people and result-focused culture.

As the Head of the Instrument, Electrical and Controls Department at HOCS Projects, Roger intends to use his construction and operations experience to lead his team to provide cost-effective, and reliable systems to our clients.  “Win-win for me means that our clients feel that we have exceeded their expectations, while our staff feel engaged and challenged, and we are viewed by industry as the benchmark in engineering and project execution excellence.”


Head Office

Trusted Engineering Partner

We can help you untangle any challenge and turn it into a cost-effective and sufficient engineering solution.

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