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Another Example of Innovation at HOCS Projects

A Patent is pending on this new, proprietary apparatus that combines debris removal and de-aeration steps into one unique, shop fabricated device.

A truck-able field erected device designed by HOCS Projects that concurrently and continuously removes solid debris and de-aerates bitumen froth between primary and secondary extraction, combining two devices into one.

This innovative, environmentally friendly, optimized technology is substantially smaller than current operating devices (shop-fabricated), and uses a single tag number on a P&ID versus the two tag numbers required on current designs.

Four Primary Features…

  • Safety – no direct steam injection into the bitumen – reducing any harmful effects.

  • Environment – venting vapours are substantially free of any small oil droplets.

  • Environment – steam condensate is recycled back to the steam plant for re-use.

  • Operations – solids removal occurs on a continuous automatic basis – currently an operational challenge for site personnel.

Results and Advantages…

  • Reduction in Environmental Impact.

  • Improved safety.

  • Substantial CAPEX reduction over current systems.

  • No lost production during unscheduled shutdowns.

This technology replaces large, costly, inefficient units currently in operation at oilsands sites. Multiple parallel units complete with installed redundant spares result in no lost production during turn-arounds or maintenance.

How About That!

We Designed An Improved Thermal Sleeve

Thermal Sleeve – equipment used on solvent injection projects.

Engineered, Fabricated, Delivered

Our team thrives on challenge, and approach new ideas with enthusiasm and a keen sense of excitement!

Harsh design and operating conditions were detrimental to previous thermal sleeve installations, and were not meeting client expectations.  So we designed an improved thermal sleeve.

We have delivered this solution to a number of Clients, and have received very positive feedback regarding its performance.


  • 50% reduction in schedule of required time when compared to international competitors.

  • 50% reduction in cost.

As our business has grown, HOCS Projects recognized the need to be an industry leader and has focused on technological and system improvements that have elevated our efficiency in providing our engineering services to clients. 

HOCS Projects has developed and implemented the following:

Zeus-Orbis© – Engineering Software

Zeus-Orbis is a powerful and robust software suite developed in-house by a team with extensive experience in the engineering industry.  The team has refined this software through more than a decade of real-world application, making it one of the best-in-class proprietary cloud-based systems available today.

Zeus-Orbis offers a wide range of features such as project time and expense management, scheduling, document control, accounting, resource allocation, procurement, and more. These features are integrated into one user-friendly platform, eliminating the need to use multiple tools.

The software suite is built to streamline the project execution process for engineering teams, allowing them to work more efficiently and productively.

With Zeus-Orbis in place, our clients can be assured of successful project outcomes.

Zeus-Maxima© – 3D Model Conversion

Zeus-Maxima is an advanced proprietary translation software developed in-house to enable the conversion of AVEVA E3D plant piping and structural models between Autodesk Plant 3D and AVEVA E3D.  Its purpose is to solve data incompatibility issues between the two systems, providing an efficient and reliable solution for engineering design projects.

Our team of experts possess the necessary skills to provide value-added alterations and additions to ensure that the converted data is compliant with client demands and standards.  This guarantees that the converted designs are accurate and efficient, saving engineering teams valuable time and resources.

Zeus-Maxima streamlines the process of converting data between software systems, providing engineering teams with a reliable solution for data translation. The software is customized to meet the specific version and nature of the software, making it a highly effective tool for translating engineering designs.

HERMES – Simplified Squad Check and Document Review

HERMES is a proprietary, cloud-based digital review and mark-up system, enabling project team members access and participation in concurrent, real-time collaboration from any desktop location.  Hermes has all P&ID symbols available in default libraries, with full capability of tracking all comments and responses.  Benefits include:

  • No administration requirements to use the program, nothing to download.

  • Streamline the review process!  View, edit and leave comments through this web-enabled desktop interface, facilitating seamless collaboration.

  • Safe and secure cloud storage of check files with everything captured on the spot, digitally.

  • Minimizing or completely eliminating rework related to miscommunication, realizing potential savings of up to 10% of the engineering fee on some projects, with an even larger impact on construction costs.

ZEUS – Digital 3D Model Conversion

ZEUS is software developed by HOCS Projects that automates the model conversion process, eliminating previous conversion challenges. Clients see value in migrating their 3D models into one common platform as part of their digitalization process, which can be cumbersome and is often abandoned due to the high cost. The benefits of ZEUS include:

  • Cost reduction of 75% compared to an industry standard, manual 3D model format conversion methodology.

  • Schedule reduction, cutting the duration by 50% or less (similar to cost).

  • An affordable solution to resolve the challenges related to many 3D platforms being used on one operating asset (missing information, inaccurate out of date model, model missing “smart” components, etc.).

Olympus. Developed at HOCS Projects, Olympus is our proprietary, web based project execution management system accompanied by our own mobile app.

Olympus has it all:  full project cycle management from the business development phase through project initiation, time keeping, execution, reporting, close out, and administration. Olympus automatically tracks performance by key KPIs.

It offers full integration between project management, procurement, engineering, document control, and administration.

Olympus Mobile App – From Dream to Reality

All project data available in an easy to use app on your phone, tablet or laptop.  We established the Olympus Mobile App in 2021, giving our Clients and Discipline Project Leads real-time, transparent and accurate data, key KPIs and top project issues anytime, anywhere for any active project.  Our Clients see tremendous benefit in having project statistics at their fingertips.
A true game changer, from reactive to proactive project management!

The Olympus Modules

Projects and Project Controls

Data driven manpower loading to aide in project and department planning.

Live management of pending and approved trends and budgets for projects in both man-hours and dollars.

Deliverables and activities correspond with our time tracking, improving the ability to accurately predict future project resource needs.

Generation of Cost Time Resource (CTR) plans from the estimate, leading to auto generated project S-Curves by total project or specific discipline.

Estimating: our deliverables based estimates are loaded into Olympus, connected to the time tracking module and our progress measurement module.

Built-in rules of progress provide an easy way to progress all approved deliverables and enable automatic, live calculation of cost and schedule performance on all of our projects.

Earned value charts, estimate at completion and many other project performance metrics are automated and available via our Olympus mobile application.

Commercial (Material Requisition and Procurement)

Material Requisition: fully integrated system including development of the initial procurement strategy set-up and live tracking, development of material requisitions supporting tendering and purchase award stages.  Substantial focus on the vendor document management system (SDDR), built-in vendor database, and post award expediting / purchase order (PO) close out.

This module is fully integrated with the engineering and document control modules to allow importing of documents and engineering details to RFQs and POs to save time and significantly reduce errors.

Use of the integrated expediting platform ensures shipment and delivery of ordered items.

Document Control

This module competes with industry leading document control software at a fraction of the cost.

Logging of all project and internal documents, including vendor documentation.

User friendly search and sort interface to improve document retrieval.

Accessible by all personnel to ensure use of the most current document revision.

Fast and reliable with enhanced features such as bulk processing and SDDR processing.

Administration and Accounting

Hours are logged daily by project, sub-project and activity against work breakdown structure (WBS) and in full alignment with project estimates.  Daily input with weekly deadlines, and a fully automated timesheet approval process.

Comprehensive database complete with Client, supplier and personnel information enabling fully digitalized contract and personnel administration.

Automated invoice generation with built in flexibility for different rate structures and billing frequencies within the same Client, accommodating the most creative commercial arrangements.

Detailed project invoices include a summary cover sheet, per person summary and detailed daily breakdown as backup.

Reporting Capabilities

Each module has a variety of pre-programmed reports available, however, includes the flexibility for report customization to meet project or client requirements.

Our Leadership Team can generate essential business operations reports; for example, cash flow, revenue, and man-hour backlog with current, actual and projected data.

Our Clients are granted access to the project performance tracking module via our mobile app where they can monitor cost, SPI, CPI and other metrics on all of their open projects.

Trusted Engineering Partner

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