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Our involvement in various pioneering projects aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and promoting sustainable energy practices has helped position us as a go-to partner for energy SAGD producers who joined the 2050 net zero carbon initiative and are continuously improving in the areas of emission reduction and enhanced water recycling. With our vast experience and expertise in sulphur recovery, water treatment, stack gas heat recovery, enhanced oil recovery, and other energy-related technologies, HOCS Projects is positioned to continue making significant contributions to the advancement of sustainable energy practices for many years to come.

What We’re Up To

HOCS Projects has completed a substantial number of sulphur recovery projects at various thermal production facilities. Fully installed, these units meet or exceed today’s emission standards.

Of particular note is our participation in the “Novel Heat Engine Pilot”, a project aimed at developing a new type of engine capable of converting waste heat from industrial processes into electricity. HOCS Projects has been a key partner in this project, contributing its expertise in design and engineering to help bring this innovative technology to fruition.

Another noteworthy suite of projects we are involved in is a series of over twenty different technology pilots related to enhancements in water treatment, assisting Clients in maximizing water recycling at their thermal facilities.

HOCS Projects has also been involved in projects focused on enhanced oil recovery, where we have leveraged our engineering expertise to develop solutions that improve oil recovery rates and reduce the environmental impact of oil production. This involves work on various thermal production pilots and commercial projects including solvent injection, gas injection, hot oil recycling, and finally partial upgrading, all of which have demonstrated HOCS Projects’ commitment to developing sustainable energy practices that benefit both industry and the environment.

In addition to our work in enhanced oil recovery, HOCS Projects has extensive experience in stack gas heat recovery. Our personnel have experience working on numerous projects aimed at capturing waste heat from industrial processes and converting it into usable energy. This has included work on projects such as the Hinton Heat Recovery System, which involved the design and installation of a system that captures waste heat from a gas turbine and converts it into hot water for use in a district heating system.

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